He likes a snack with his root beer.

I had a funny thing happen today. I have a Sun Conure named Coco, a medium sized mostly yellow, orange, and green parrot, who always wants some of my soda pop when I open a can. His body language is unmistakeable: he flies over to the can and tries to lick the rim of the can. Of course, I don’t give him soda with caffeine in it, but I like Zevia, and he’s taken quite a liking to it himself.

Well, today, I opened a can of ginger root beer, and as usual, he flew over to it and began trying to lick the rim. So I poured a little into my mouth, leaving some in the rim and I gave it to him to drink. Now, usually he’ll wait for three of four tastes before he’s satisfied, but today he took one drink, then flew to the back of my chair, then over to his cage.

I was surprised because he usually wants a bigger drink, and I thought to myself that this must be a flavor he didn’t find to his liking. After all, he took a couple of drops, then left. I went back to work on a project I’m doing, and a minute or two later, Coco was back at the can trying to lick the rim, a sign that my master wanted me to lift the can and trap some soda for him to drink, but as I lifted the can, and he turned to look in my direction, I saw that he was gnawing up a big piece of pecan in his beak.

He just wanted a snack with his ginger root beer!

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