The National Bird Sanctuary™ is a rescue and sanctuary organization that will provide permanent sanctuary to unadoptable and “retiring” parrots in need of life-long care. All resident parrots will be provided with high quality accommodations in a free-flighted, natural environment. Other exotic animals and wildlife will also be given a home here. The site location has not yet been detemined.

The Sanctuary will provide for public education and research programs as well. The grounds of the Sanctuary will be open to the public.

If it weren’t for private, caring, rescue people, who would take care of these desperate, victimized birds? There are no [publicly] funded shelters for abused parrots, and even more frightening is the fact that parrot rescues are realizing that they no longer have the space, time, money for vet bills, or energy to take in another distressed bird. — Sally Brooks

Why save parrots? This web site covers the reasons why you should be interested in saving parrots, and how you can help.

For me, the sight of a parrot living alone, living in a cage, deprived of flight and miserbly bored, breaks my heart. And the parrot’s too, perhaps. — Dr. Jane Goodall

The primary reason to save them is that the nature of birds, and especially parrots, is closer to the nature of humans than any other earthly creature. When we realize how intelligent they are, and how much like us they are, we come to realize that saving them is only one step away from saving human children, something none of us would question.

The secondary reason is that we are responsible for the state these animals find themselves in today. In the wild, we are driving them to extinction though our collective actions, and in captivity, we raise them, sell them, restrict their quality of life, and regretfully, sometimes abuse and neglect them.

For us to ignore the plight and suffering of these stately beings is a sin. We have made ourselves responsible because of our actions, and now it is time for us to act responsibly, and to do what is necessary to protect them in the wild, educate the public, lobby for them in government, and provide birds in captivity with a quality of life to which God and Nature has ordained them.

We hope you will enjoy the articles here, and participate in the commentary. I want to thank you now for your participation because without you, following the dream of buildig a world class rescue and education organization would be a fool’s errand. You are the key to success.

I welcome your ideas and hope you’ll post your comments and ideas. In fact, if you want, you can post your own articles on the site, and they will be published after an administrative review.

When you save the life of a parrot, you are not saving the life of someone’s pet; you are saving the life of a child from another world. — Dr. Michael Welch

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  1. Lisa Bridgewater says:

    I have two cockatiels. They are caged and I love them. I want to find a good home for them. I want to find a place where they can fly like there were meant to fly. It breaks my heart to see them in their cage.
    If you know a place please contact me at davidsrene2010@sbcglobal.net